Luis Miguel Valente, 32, Lima

Luis Miguel Valente Chavez, “Valente”, 32 years old. The youngest in the Qullqi artisan collective, Valente is a calm young man who despite his apparent shyness, brings a lot of enthusiasm and humor to the meetings.

He is from Lima and got into silversmithing with 19 years via his brother but now is the only one from the family continuing with it. “It has been 13 years since then. Time flies!”, he says.

His favorite pieces are bracelets and earrings, like the Tarma set and Calca earrings “because of the details I can add to them”, he says laughing. “The best time of my day, is when I finish a jewel. It’s an incredible feeling of satisfaction and pride. A beautiful, handcrafted piece as such is a earned reward for hard work.”

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