We are genuinely sustainable, ecological, ethical and traceable

We believe in cleanly mined materials, and only manufacture our jewelry with Fairmined certified ethical sterling silver

To take a different and sustainable approach to jewelry production without compromising its essential grace

Crafted locally in Peru by some of the most skilled artisans

To create jewels by hand in a spirit of goodwill and within our ethical values

Our promise

100% Made in Peru

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Providing everyone with silver jewelry they can be proud of.


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· A guaranteed fair price for the minerals

· An additional Premium as a market incentive to cover the costs of the certification and to invest in mining operations, social development and environmental protection

· Direct access to international markets and responsible supply chains

· Legitimacy with the government, national and international audiences and the industry

· Access to a network of miners and experienced allies as well as mining support organizations


· Demonstrating that the market puts a value on responsible practices

· Risk mitigation. The Fairmined Standard ensures that companies not only comply but supersede all international norms and regulations

· Companies position themselves as pioneers and leaders in the growing trend towards sustainable and ethical sourcing

· Added value and access to the growing market of ethical consumers


· Assurance that the silver is responsibly mined

· Added emotional benefits

· A story of origin

· Human connection to the mining communities

· Generating a positive impact with a purchase

Our packaging

How we help

Social responsibility

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Building a children library in Junin, Peru

Between January 2019 and the opening ceremony on October 27th there were many months of sweat, uncertainty and hard work. Qullqi founder, Hugo has been raveling several times to Peru to oversee the status of the project and joined the opening ceremony where he was delighted to see the happy faces of more than 200 kids and adults who will have access to this new learning faculty. Their amazement, gratitude and happiness could have not been more genuine.

Qullqi wants to heartily thank Angeles Unidos en Accion’s leader Mary Farfan, her Management Team, and all collaborators.


Supplying emergency-relief packages to elderly in Ayacucho

Hit by the Covid-health crisis and its related work restrictions, many Peruvian families in were in need for basic supplies. Qullqi brought food and medical supplies to elders in impoverished areas in the mountains in Peru. At the same time, through their ‘Generosity connects us’ campaign, Angeles Unidos en Accion collected more than 5000 Euro to help 180 artisanal women miners and their families with basic supplies, clothes and medicine in those difficult times.


Building the second children library in Uchuraccay, Ayacucho

Beginning of this year, Qullqi started yet another help project to build the second public library for children in cooperation with Angeles Unidos en Accion. This time in Uchuraccay, a quechua-native community in the Ayacucho region. Here, 4000 meters above sea-level, three projects will come to life: computer labs with workshops, several school-playgrounds and our public library for children.

Our sustainable efforts

● Fairmined and ethically sourced raw materials.

● Silver mined with responsible management and reduction of toxic chemicals like mercury and cyanide.

● Silver produced under stringent environmental practices, including forest restoration in areas of high biodiversity and ecological restoration in any ecosystem.

● Personal care and connection from artisan to consumer.

● One of a kind. No mass production. Every piece is handmade and send to you with personal care.

● Recycled packaging material.

● Carbon-Free shipping: Shipping emissions offset.

● Made to last: Timeless design and long-living craftsmanship.

● Giving back: Donating 20% revenue of each sold piece to educational and welfare help projects for kids and communities in need.

● We are constantly seeking to improve our environmental footprint, both in our production methods and our daily operations.

  • Sustainable development

  • Responsible sourcing

  • Community investments

  • Recycable packaging

  • Reduced CO2 levels

  • Low environmental impact

  • Supply chain integrity

  • Recycled materials

  • Fair labor

  • No single use plastics

  • Promotes equal & fair pay

  • Reduces waste

  • No dirty metals

  • Eco-friendly packaging