Juan Carlos Poma, 34, Chorrillos

Juan Carlos Poma, 34 years, born in Chorrillos, the remote coastal district in southern Lima. As kid, he loved to dismantle and re-assembled his toys. If not silversmith, he might have become an engineer. His early passion is maybe where he got the precision and attention to detail needed as silversmith.

Juan Carlos shares his story of sacrifice and perseverance. “As kid I always loved to play with all sort of materials and structures. My father introduced me to welding when I was 17, that’s how I got my first job. Unfortunately, I had a serious accident on the work floor and lost my right leg. But instead of getting depressed, I started my own jewelry atelier. It allowed me to continue working with materials, to be creative and self-reliable. From my own working area at home, after studying and doing training courses, I developed myself professionally to become the autonomous artist that I am today.”

Juan Carlos considers himself as driven and determined, who wants to be a better version of himself day by day. He is grateful for his family, his friends, and Qullqi customers for their support. The orders of Qullqi clients have helped him especially during Covid period as other busines streams dried out. “Fortunately, my family and I are doing fine”, he says with a smile and his typical calm manner.

Trying to explain the passion for his job he states: “Maybe it’s the transformation from raw material to final product that really fascinates me”, he says. “And also, the joy when seeing photos of customers wearing my handmade jewelry pieces – that’s a very special and warm feeling.” His favorite pieces are the Ica set . “They are difficult to make and challenge my skills, but once they are finished, they are the most beautiful and eye-catching jewels to look at.

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