Felix Llanco, 45, Lima

Felix, born in Lima, started silversmithing at the age of 17 and has gained extensive experience in silversmithing. “I had a very good mentor who with patience and care turned the job into my passion and showed how much love for detail is behind working with precious material”, Felix states. Starting the mentorship with simple tasks, Felix soon became more and more skilled crafting more complicated pieces. With level of difficulty, his appreciation and dedication increased. “I am always amazed by the level of accuracy and precision required on this job”, he says.

As a father of two girls (15 and 21 years old) he cannot fully make ends meet with the artisan job and thus works twice a week in a call center to get additional income for his family. He is happy and proud though that through his hard work both have a good education: one still in school, the other one attending university already. Every day he gets up early to make breakfast for his two girls and tries to be home for a shared dinner with his family. “I don’t think they are interested in becoming silversmiths but maybe in the jewelry business side, perhaps by opening their own shop. Me, on the other hand would love to work full time as artisan – if it would be enough to pay the bills.”

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His favorite contributions to Qullqi collecitons are the Quilla family and Tambo cufflinks. He is also a big football fan and follows Ajax club from Amsterdam since the times of Johan Cruyff.