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Our mission

● We promote the talent of Peruvian artisan, silversmiths and invest in the survival of traditional handcraft art.

● We bring beautifully and uniquely, handcrafted solid silver jewelry pieces to European’s growing community of high-quality, sustainable fashion consumers.

● We care for transparency in the production process, for the environment, sustainable sourcing and the well-being of societies.

● We have a personal bond to our artisans and their stories.

● We provide an alternative to conventional accessory fashion.

● We want to make a difference. You can make a difference.


Dedication to heritage artistry of its Peruvian craftspeople and silversmiths defines the Qullqi brand.
At Qullqi we celebrate artisans who take the time to craft an item by hand. We want to form a collective where artisans can thrive, resources and time are protected, stories are told, culture and traditions are preserved, and unique details are honored.
We are proud to work hand in hand with passionate craftsmen with exceptional talent and attention to detail to create unique pieces that are the result of mutual trust.

Legendary Designs

Behind each piece of Qullqi jewelry is a story. The story of people who made it. Behind each piece of Qullqi jewelry is a small team of passionate silversmiths and designers who craft each piece thoughtfully by hand, with the utmost attention to care and detail.

All our creations are made in Peru in our design and artisan’s workshops located in the heart of Lima.

Our jewelry derives its existence because of the passion and the experience of the local Peruvian artisans and their ability to create beauty. It goes without saying that the smiths, with whom we all have long-standing relationships, are seen and rewarded as such. Fair pay, good working conditions and additional support for their families are our ethos.

We care about transparency. We want you to know who made your jewels, what are their stories, their struggles, their daily life, dreams and hopes are. They not only put their creativity and skills into it but also a piece of them, their soul. We want you to know where your contribution ends up and how, with each purchase, you make their life’s a little bit better.


Our pieces are designed in our Lima design office by our designer Monica. We love her feeling for European fashion trends and amazing understanding of Peruvian cultural heritage. She gathers inspiration from Peruvian history to neo minimal design and scribbles drawings and specifications.

We then make material, design and cost studies and evaluate each drawing based on these criteria. During this process we consult with our Peruvian jewelry export Marlis Lira and Juan Carlos, the most experienced of our artisans. Both of them work hand in hand for many years and with Qullqi since day one.

Prototyping: The ones that make it come to prototyping. Juan Carlos brings the chosen designs to life, often in just a few days. The Qullqi founder is flying to Peru to evaluate each prototype in person, with his team of experts. During prototyping we work on the body, weight, shape and texture. It is a constant process of improving, testing, calculating and adjusting – to end in the most refined and astonishing new collection piece.

Based on the prototypes, Qullqi founder Hugo, is purchasing the silver raw material from the Fairmined mines in Peru. Sometimes via refineries in Colombia but the material is always mined in Peru. As a confirmation that we only use Fairmined silver, we are allowed to put the Fairmined logo on the pieces.

The final selection of is then manufactured by hand by our artisan silversmiths in their workshops. The assignment of jewelry pieces to each artisan is based on their experience level, special skillset but also the aim to challenge themselves and learn new skills.

We then individually and manually check each and every piece before bringing it to the Netherlands with carbon neutral shipping method. And there it is re-packed, accompanied with a personalized and hand-signed card and shipped to you.