Valente, a happy soul

By summer 2018, Hugo met Valente, the youngest of our skilled artisans. His full name is Luis Miguel Valente Chavez. “My friends call me Valente only”, he whispers. Valente is a calm young man full of dreams and despite his apparent shyness, he brings a lot of enthusiasm to the meeting, with a subtle sense of humor as he showed during his first chat with Hugo.

First, he introduced himself and commented that he comes from Lima and started in the jewelry industry when he was 19, following the influence of his older brother and another close friend. “It has been 13 years since then. Time flies!”, he acknowledges with surprise. Nowadays, Valente is the only member of his family involved in this industry.

Furthermore, we were curious about what he likes the most from his job. He replied, “my favorite pieces are bracelets and earrings because of the details I can add to them. For instance, the Tarma set and Calca earrings are good examples of the type of jewels I like to work on.” He also told us that his routine does not start too early, although his home is not located nearby the atelier. “And you know that traffic jams in Lima are crazy”, he adds with a laugh.

Later, he added “I like to start on time and look at what is on my to-do list, what pieces are in progress or almost finished. The best time of my day -he continues, is when I finish a jewel. I cannot describe the satisfaction and proud I feel. A beautiful, handcrafted piece is a reward for a job well done.” We could not agree more with you Valente, and so our customers!

Finally, we asked Valente about his hobbies. He enjoys watching movies and going out for a walk. He considers himself not a great fan of football, at least not as much as his fellow Peruvians; however, he likes and follows Real Madrid. Oh! And he also loves Dutch stroopwaffels.

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