Thanks 2020 for all your lessons!

Thanks for being with us in 2020!

2020. What a year!

However, in what we could call ‘the worst of the year’, we all learned how to thrive despite difficult and uncertain conditions.

For us at Qullqi it was not any different. We had to face a full lockdown of our ateliers and delayed (if not halted) several plans we had for 2020; nevertheless, it was together with your support and preference as consumers, that we managed to continue bringing help and relief to families in need in the mountain areas in Peru.

In May, together with ‘Angeles Unidos en Accion’ we delivered goods to elders in addition to health care supplies, such as facemasks and hand gel to fight against corona virus. Recently, in the beginning of December, we supported a Christmas campaign for kids in the village of Ccatupata. Click on this link to access a nice video summary.

In 2021 we’ll continue working even harder to bring to life not only new designs crafted by our experienced silversmiths, but also to empower kids with better tools through the opening of new libraries. This will be possible thanks to your purchase and the 20% donation from each one.

Finally, we wish you, your family, and friends Happy Holidays and a safe, healthy, and better 2021!