Stay safe. Together we’ll come back stronger.

First, we hope that you and your network remain healthy in these times of uncertainty. The new coronavirus has arrived and will stay with us for some more time in the foreseeable future. If we make an effort to see the bright side of all this situation, at Qullqi we believe that the current crisis will change our way to look at things we always took for granted: a simple handshake, a warm hug, a walk in the park, etc., and will contribute to rethink and reformulate the way our society operates and to what cost.

Second, this is not an article plenty of recommendations on how to prevent infections. We are sure that by now, you might have come across loads of information and tips, including those from the WHO. On the contrary, we want to extend our hands to our community and show support and appreciation despite the current turbulence, while wishing a speedy recovery to those affected by the virus. We are fortunate that no one within our team has been affected and that’s why we continue to run our operations without compromising the health of our collaborators. Rest assure that we keep controls to guarantee we and our products don’t get hit by Covid-19.

Last but not least, show must go on. As small business owners, we need to find ways to keep afloat without compromising our core values. A crisis like this is also an opportunity; therefore, we use this time to reflect on how best to achieve our company’s goals. On that note, our 3-minute survey remains open. Find it here and get a surprise from us. We value your feedback. Moreover, we continue working hard to confirm our participation on future events to meet with you all. Stay tuned! For the time being, we can confirm that the Design Fest Berlin that was planned for April 4th and 5th (see previous blog post here), has been rescheduled for the weekend of June 20th and 21st. Check out our social channels to win free tickets for the show.

Follow your local authorities’ guidelines and take care of yourself. We would love to hear from you. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.