Silver jewelry as investment

Looking for investments? Think of silver jewelry*

Most of us look for and select jewelry based on their designs, origin, or price. However, did you know that silver jewelry could be a good investment too?

First of all, it is important to differentiate among types of silver. Jewelry is often made from Sterling silver, which is pure silver mixed with other alloys (copper most of the time). Its level of purity is 92.5%, meaning there is a 7.5% from other components. On the contrary, investment silver is pure silver to the level of 98% or 99%, and normally purchased in bullions and kept by investors as part of their portfolios. Either way, both sterling silver and investment silver are worth more than the silver used for other purposes, such as coin, usually referred to as ‘coin silver’.

Furthermore, you need to understand that the value of silver as precious metal and potential investment instrument comes from its rare character, that drives its price higher in the long run. Silver, similar to gold, is a commodity and as such, is subject to market fluctuations; nonetheless, in the last years we have seen an appreciation of its market value.

Nonetheless, either because you purchased silver in jewelry or bullion, it is important to have these basics right. Now, in the case of your jewelry purchase, assuming you bought fine Sterling silver as the ones in our shop, when the time comes for you to sell it as silver and profit from its market value, there are some steps to consider beforehand.

First, for sterling silver to be redeemed at silver market price, first you need to melt your jewelry and separate pure silver from the other alloys. Second, normally speaking you would need to show evidence of the origin of your sterling silver. In the case of our unique pieces, these are engraved with the Fairmined logo as a seal of trust, from where we can trace back the roots of the silver used during the crafting process.

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* Disclaimer: Qullqi and its opinion on this article do not intend to act as financial advisors whatsoever. Prior to making investment decisions, please consult your financial advisor and/or accountant.