Qullqi and a sustainable jewelry industry

How promoting an ancient tradition contributes to making the silver jewelry industry more sustainable.

Let’s start with a bit of history. When the Spaniards arrived in South America, they were amazed by what they found: civilizations primarily organized around the exchanging of goods as a form of trading. Societies in which there did not exist money, and where people valued wealth in other ways, even though the number of precious metals they owned and used in their daily utensils was unbelievable for the newly arrived Europeans. When the conquistadors came back to Europe, they spread the word on how rich the lands across the ocean were, but little did they mention about how skilled the locals were to craft beautiful pieces of these metals.

And this remains. Almost two hundred years after independence, Peru is known for Machu Picchu and Pisco Sour, but not for its skilled workers and talented silver (and gold) smiths.

Qullqi connecting Peru and Europe

Qullqi is determined to turn that around and to promote this incredible craftsmanship from the Peruvian silversmiths on the European market. Qullqi saw the light in mid-2018, with only one idea in mind: connecting Peru and Europe once again through the beauty of handmade silver jewelry.

We do so by partnering with local artisans in Peru. They will make you beautiful minimalist and contemporary jewelry.

Our supply chain

Qullqi goes beyond beauty. We want to have our supply chains as short as possible.

We ensure the responsible sourcing of our raw materials. We carefully select all our suppliers and are also licensed by the ‘Fairmined’ organization. They make sure that in the certified mines there will not be child labor, miners will get paid well and they receive social benefits. Thanks to their work there are more and more success stories about how responsible mining leads to communities’ benefits and development.

A personal touch

Qullqi is also the story of Felix, Juan Carlos, and Valente. They are Peruvian silversmiths with years of experience, who take pride in their traditional crafting traditions. They are working under the wings of Marlis, the woman who makes sure that the jewelry gets delivered on time and with the highest possible quality. Joel and Melissa are also part of the Qullqi story. Two young entrepreneurs in their 20’s, who combine their undergrad studies with their jewelry business.

Our social responsibility does not end there. With every purchase of a Qullqi jewel, 20% of each sale goes towards social initiatives in Peru. We believe in the work these NGO’s do to improve the future of many children. They support them to develop their knowledge and skills, to secure a better future.

And with your Qullqi jewelry, you are party of the story as well! Thanks to you we tighten the bonds between Europe and Peru, where we get to support local artisans and help improve children’s future.

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