Qullqi Jewelry - The perfect Holidays gift

The season of giving is in front of us and we have to remember that even in these tough times we have to cherish each other and share our happiness in a collective spirit.

Our principles as a company have always been in the spirit of ‘giving’, from the ground up we are dedicated to donating 20% of our proceeds to all kinds of great charities. We are proud of this fact, as there is always someone in dire need of help and being compassionate requires not only words, but also actions.

Purchasing from us literally means donating to charity. However that is not all. Since not a lot of people know there are actually health benefits to wearing silver, you can say Qullqi directly benefits the wearer of its jewellery both in mind and body. There is no better feeling than giving to those in need, which you directly do through Qullqi with every purchase, and making use of the product itself makes it now a two way benefit since it is good for your body too.

This might come as a surprise to some of the readers but silver jewelry is actually healthy. For some people, this may sound like a bunch of baloney, but the health benefits of silver come from its conductivity and thermal conductivity, which has a clear scientific basis.

Positively charged silver ions form a conductive field that reflects electromagnetic radiation outside the body, stimulating the body’s natural conductivity, improving blood circulation, body temperature balance and overall health.
Positively charged silver ions also bind to negatively charged oxygen receptors in bacteria, which is why silver can fight harmful infections and diseases.

For those who are skeptical, Southampton University researchers have proven that a certain kind of silver ring helps improve arthritis symptoms in the hands. Furthermore, it enhances the range of motion and stability of movement in the swollen joints.

Silver promotes internal heat regulation and circulation in its wearers. Some researchers claim silver also enhances general energy levels and helps balance mood in patients with certain mental disorders.

These things are just a few points in a list of health benefits. It would make for quite a long post if we present every single one of those points. Suggestion for those of you interested, you can check it all out yourselves online fairly easily.

So what makes our silver jewellry the ideal present? Our ethical mining & Peruvian artisans maybe? The feel good factor because 20% of your purchases with us go to a charity ? Or the health benefits your loved one has with wearing the jewellery? Or maybe all of the above ? Most definitely!