Qullqi will donate 100% of Black Sales

In line with our brand statement, we promote a responsible production within the fashion industry; aiming to taking care of our environment, avoiding overconsumption. In 2019, we have aligned our core values with those from the Black Frid^y campaign from Fashion Revolution.

Instead of advertising big discounts and mindless purchase, we want you to think twice before shopping on- and offline. However, if you already decided to go ahead, we’ll give you a good reason to choose for a unique handcrafted Qullqi piece.

After the opening of a library that benefited 200+ kids and their families in Peru, we have decided to give 100% (instead of the regular 20%) of all sales on November 29th to our next educational project in Peru. We have partnered with Angeles Unidos en Accion once again to make this happen.

By making yourself or someone else you love happy with the gift of a sustainable handmade jewelry, you can also make more than one kid happy. To read more about our first success story, visit our blog. Thanks for your support!