Podcasts on Sustainability

Our favorite podcasts on Sustainability

With many of us adjusting to the new normal and doing our best on multitasking, listening to podcasts have become part of our routines. By now, we all are pretty much familiar with the concept of a podcast, an audio file that you can download on any device and that usually comes as a series of episodes. Podcasts have become a key player when it comes to leisure time for many of us and range from politics to sports, fashion to economics, and whatever topic you can think of.

According to statistics from end of 2020, 55% of people in the US listen or have listened to a podcast at least once, while 75% of them are familiar with the concept of podcasts. Moreover, around 37% of people in the US listen to them monthly. Extrapolate these figures beyond the States and… yes, they are big numbers. You now understand why this sort of entertainment has become quite popular.

For us at Qullqi, our topics of interest range from state of the fashion industry to sustainability, as well as the use of technology as enabler of carbon footprint reduction. On that note, we wanted to summarize in this post our top recommendations.

We start our list with an all-women podcast, “Mothers Of Invention”, a series of episodes about feminist climate change solutions from women around the world. Speakers featured here include former Irish president Mary Robinson, comedian and writer Maeve Higgins, and series producer Thimali Kodikara. Next, in “The Sustainability Agenda”, we find weekly interviews with experts on the topic of sustainability, exploring the biggest questions around this concept and debating about its future.

Furthermore, described as a mission-driven show, “The Sustainable Jungle” podcast explores solutions for world’s sustainability issues and conservation challenges, interviewing inspiring people currently working on a future proof of our planet. Moreover, “Climate One” also offers a series of interesting and relevant weekly discussions, showcasing a mix of sustainability and other affinity topics, such as politics and economics.

In addition, “Business of Fashion” offers interesting and inspiring episodes around the state of fashion industry; however, some of its episodes revolve around sustainability, ethics, gender equality, and racism questions within the industry. One of our favorite episodes is to be found here.

In the Netherlands, we also have some fine examples of relevant podcasts on this topic. For instance, “Systeem op de schop” is a weekly podcast made by Social Enterprise where hosts discuss with guest entrepreneurs how to challenge and improve current status-quo and contribute to a better world. On a similar note, during episodes of “Het groene hart van” we find interviews with famous and not so famous Dutch people with an aim at making the world greener and more beautiful. Last, for those who are more into technologies, some greats interviews over the latest developments and innovations in the realm of sustainability are to be found in the “De energie gasten” podcast.

What podcasts on sustainability do you know or are listening too? We would love to hear from you. Share your tips with us and our community, leave a comment or continue the conversation by sharing this article with your friends and family.

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