Our purpose

In times of countless information and Instagram influencers; with multiple options, and businesses offering bargains and items heavily discounted, consumers are overwhelmed by a load of choices, resulting in an unconscious shopping behavior. Without taking the time to think whether we need that latest tech gadget or the recently released fashion collection from a famous designer, we are more and more prone to fill our wardrobe with unnecessary garments, for instance.

Nevertheless, according to a 2020 report from the Capgemini Research Institute, 79% of consumers in the US are changing their buying behavior and shifting their purchase preferences towards alternatives that are more responsible with society, inclusiveness, and environment. In Europe, the story is not any different. The change in demand is a fact and there is no way back. But what about the other side of the coin? Is there also a change in businesses’ mindset?

We do not think so. Fast fashion brands remain the biggest players in the industry (this is also applicable for the jewelry sector), creating a problem for the ‘new’ consumer.

Our purpose at Qullqi

When Hugo started Qullqi, he did so with one purpose in mind: to offer a new and different solution in the jewelry market. In his view, this option should be one where consumers can have total visibility on who contributed to bring to life the accessories they are wearing, who participated on the value chain, how the materials were sourced, where the jewelry was manufactured, how the artisan behind each piece looks like , what his hobbies and dreams are, what happens after consumers finished their payment transaction, who benefits from each purchase.

At Qullqi, we believe that our role as Fairmined licensee brings transparency to our consumers. Through our certificate, we assure them that the precious metals we use are sourced responsible, from small-scale mining organizations, where artisanal miners were provided with all social benefits, and no child labor is guaranteed, while protecting our eco-systems.

Furthermore, we work with experienced local artisans in Peru, with years of experience creating beautiful jewelry. We make our greatest effort to provide them with challenging and fulfilling tasks every time we work on new designs. In addition, we aim to support them in achieving their personal and professional goals, starting from a fair pay, and good working conditions.

Last but not least, we play our part on leaving behind a better world. From each one of our sales, we allocate 20% to the execution of social projects in Peru, with focus on education. We passionately believe this is the most powerful tool for kids to grow into responsible adults, with a sense of community, who also want to contribute to the future by building a fairer society.

Have your shopping behaviors changed too? Do you do some research before buying? How often do you search for more sustainable brands?

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