Introducing our Peruvian jewelry artisans

In the fast-paced world we live in, it is less and less often to stop and take time to think why and how we make certain decisions. When purchasing either offline or online, it is not any different. Most of the time, we buy new items although we do not really need them, but just because we want them in a different color or because we fear they might be discontinued soon.

Moreover, it is typically true that we do not take the time to think on the impact of our buying behavior, not to mention the carbon footprint that our new acquisition leaves behind. At Qullqi, we are determined to do things differently. We advocate for slow fashion and conscious attitude towards shopping, especially when it comes to transparency about who the actors in our production chain are, and what our impact on environment and society is.

On that note, and in line with the second pillar of our brand strategy, we will introduce you to our local artisans in Peru, their stories, dreams, and goals. In addition, we will let them tell you what pieces from our collections they loved and enjoyed the most while working on them. In a series of blog articles, we will introduce Felix, a father of 2 girls, whose dream is to provide for higher education for his daughters; Juan Carlos, a skilled artisan who persevered in life despite a serious labor accident where he lost his right leg; and Valente, a happy young man with years of experience as silversmith and who loves Dutch stroopwaffels.

Our aim is to provide you with a better and clearer image of who the person behind your unique Qullqi jewel is, so you can put a face to each greetings card attached with your new jewel, and that you understand how you contribute to make the lives of these men a more fruitful one, while contributing simultaneously to their development.

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