Our 3-pillar brand strategy

Since the beginning, Qullqi’s brand strategy has included three main elements, or ‘pillars’ as Hugo likes to call them. The reason for it is twofold: on one hand, having them at the core of our branding helps to focus our efforts on what really matters and is priority; and on the other hand, it reflects the three areas that we primarily care about: environment, person, and society.

First: environment. It is not surprise that our world is endangered and high-scale consumption is one of the main reasons for the deterioration of our natural ecosystems. When it comes to the jewelry industry, especially on the steps related to mineral extraction, malpractices such as the use of mercury during gold and silver mining has a great negative impact on it. For this reason, Qullqi is committed to promoting and supporting best practices through our involvement as licensee brand of the Fairmined certification. Under this label, we want to play our part on reducing our carbon footprint while contributing to the development of small-scale mining organizations.

Second: person. We work with experienced Peruvian artisans, who do not only have a wealth of experience and skills but are also continuing with an ancient tradition of silver crafting. Through the promotion of their talent, we want to support their self-development and fulfillment of their dreams. We have prepared a series of articles where we will introduce our seasoned artisans: who they are, what they like about their jobs, and other personal aspects. By the way, with every purchase you make, you receive a signed card from the artisan who crafted your piece. How great is that!

Third: society. We partner with a local NGO in Peru (“Angeles Unidos en Accion ”) to change and improve the lives and education of hundreds of kids in impoverished areas, through the construction and setup of new libraries. For this purpose, we allocate 20% of each sale and so far, we have opened already one new library and the second is on its way to open soon. This is a big effort with an even greater reward. We will certainly continue our partnership during 2021.

Finally, every time you purchase Qullqi jewelry, rest assure that you are not only buying a high-quality piece, but also making a positive impact on our planet and artisans’ lives. It is a joint effort between you and us and we will help you to make the most out of it.

Do you also identify with these ‘pillars’? Would you have suggestion on how best we can contribute to the environment, local artisans, or society in general?

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