Opening a library for kids

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” – Margaret Mead
On October 27th, our first social project saw the light. In partnership with Angeles Unidos en Accion, a volunteers’ organization in Peru, Qullqi contributed to the opening of a library for kids in the region of Junin, Peru. This was the result of several months of cooperation that kicked-off last January 2019 in Lima . In that moment, this outcome seemed far and hard to achieve; nevertheless, as everything in life, determination and serious pursue of goals were key to bring this to life. On that note, Qullqi wants to heartily thank organization’s leader Mary Farfan, her Management Team and all collaborators.

During the opening, it was possible to see kids’ happy faces. There were some of the 200+ who will benefit from these new facilities. They and their parents couldn’t show more gratitude to organizers. Qullqi even managed to get a photo with one of the happy teenagers present there!

According to Mary, “everything went fine, better than planned”, and we are sure it did. At the moment of editing these lines, Qullqi and Angeles Unidos en Accion are looking for their next joint project. The needs of kids in remote areas in Peru are countless; however, we believe that our impact as a sustainable brand in addition to the contribution of our loyal customers, can have a bigger impact during coming months.

Qullqi’s founder Hugo: “we have found a reliable partner in Angeles Unidos en Accion. They share our values and motivation to provide kids with more access to education, to equip them with better tools for the future. I am sure this alliance won’t end soon, and we’re already discussing our next endeavor together.”

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