Why we care about kids’ education in rural areas in Peru

We published before an article with an introduction to our brand strategy and its three main elements. According to the third one, Our Social Responsibility, from each one of your purchase on our online shop, we put 20% aside to support social projects related to kids’ education in rural areas in Peru. Friends and consumers love this idea; however, we often receive the question why we exactly do this and what drives our interest on this matter.

First, to understand well our motivation, it is important to get acquainted with some facts on the state of rural education in Peru. According to figures from December 2018, 20.8% of Peru’s total population live in rural areas, and 43.8% of them live under poverty line (with a daily income lower than $3). Moving onto our topic of focus, more than 3.3 million of adults in these areas have neither never started nor finished basic education (elementary school). We start to see a relationship between lack of education and low income.

Moreover, with the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, we have noticed an incidence on more pupils withdrawing from school at different levels, being the reasons for it their poor or no access to the digital tools enabled by the Government. On the one hand, while students in urban areas have almost no issue to adapt and follow online education, the experience from their counterparts in rural zones was nowhere nearby. Consequently, the gap between cities and rural areas has widened in the last months.

It is with our efforts and those from our local partner “Angeles Unidos en Accion” that we want to provide additional tools and bring education closer to kids outside the main cities in the country and in addition, contribute not only to their personal development but to reduce kids’ labor too, especially those that find place on local farms. One example of these efforts is the opening in 2019 of a brand-new public library for kids. Read more about this help case on our blog.

In 2021, UN’s year for the elimination of child labor, we renew and reinforce our commitment to continue strengthening our collaboration with “Angeles Unidos en Accion” to make educational tools more accessible in those remote areas in Peru. We count on your support as consumer and will keep you updated on our progress.

Have you ever visited schools in a rural area? How was your impression and how did you feel?

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