Juan Carlos, resilient

Back in 2018, Hugo continued his meetings with Peruvian artisans to onboard on his goal to build a sustainable jewelry brand, with foundations on a culture of ancient traditions on silver crafting. Juan Carlos Poma was the second artisan who decided to collaborate and be part of Qullqi’s journey.

Juan Carlos turned 33 years old in 2020. He was born and raised in Chorrillos, a traditional coastal district in the south of Lima. When kid, he enjoyed assembling and dissembling his toys. Perhaps it is from this experience that he developed the attention to detail and precision needed to succeed in the jewelry industry. “I always loved to play with structures of different sizes and models” he comments.

When asked how he started in the world of jewelry crafting, Juan Carlos gets a bit nostalgic and starts his story of hard work and sacrifice. “My father introduced me to the welding industry; that’s how I got my very first job. Unfortunately, I had a serious accident on the work floor and lost my right leg”. He then continues, “however, instead of getting depressed or sad, I decided to start my own jewelry atelier, an industry where not only I could develop myself professionally, but also continue working with structures while being creative. I started building up my own working area at home.” What a decisive man is Juan Carlos!

Later, he followed some training and education in the industry. Juan Carlos considers himself as driven and determined, who wants to be a better version of himself day by day. He is too grateful to his family, friends, and Qullqi customers for their support, especially during the last months when things got difficult due to corona pandemic. “Fortunately, my family and I are all doing fine”, he says with a smile and his usual calmed mood.

Additionally, we wanted to know more about his routine and hobbies. He says he does not follow a routine, but he spends most of his time at the atelier, waking up early and going to bed late. “I cannot explain the passion I have for my job”, he confesses happily. What he enjoys the most from it is to create, develop new designs, bring them to life. He also loves to see how the pieces take shape and of course, he is extremely happy when he sees Qullqi customers wearing the jewels he crafted. “My favorite pieces are the Ica set. They are always a delight to work on… and a challenge for my skills”, he tells us.

Finally, about his hobbies, Juan Carlos confesses that when he is not working at his atelier, he is outdoors enjoying some sunlight. “Lima has a mild weather. I like it”, he says.

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