Forest-Smart Mining Project

World Bank’s new Forest-Smart Mining standards

As part of its Climate Smart Mining initiative launched in 2019, the World Bank has initiated the discussion and preparation of Forest-Smart Mining standards, which is looking for a common understanding from mining standpoint, of the use of land in relationship with forest lands and other uses, such as socio-economic or environmental, aiming at reducing loss or damage of land through any of these uses.

According to a statement released by the Alliance for Responsible Mining, administrator of the Fairmined license of which Qullqi is a licensed brand, the primary objective is to develop high-caliber standards and guidelines, applicable in the realm of artisanal and small-scale mining in relation to forest-smart mining, in a way that the sector can be benefited from this initiative and be adopted later into broader responsible mining and sourcing initiatives, including getting access to certification and management systems. The underlying reason for launching this initiative is that mining accounts for approximately 7% of forest loss in developing countries.

Where, When and How

Development of standards and guidelines for the Forest-Smart Mining project is now taking place between August 2020 and September 2021, and includes countries like Colombia, Ghana, Liberia, and Peru. Responsibility for its implementation lies on the shoulders of Levin Sources, Alliance for Responsible Mining, and Fauna & Flora International.

Furthermore, methodology for execution will include workshops and consultations with people familiar with the matters on mining and forest lands management and preservation. It is the goal to develop not only standards and plans but also principles, criteria, and indicators, which later will be promoted to be included in management and certification schemes, and potentially on national policies and regulatory frameworks. Upon confirmation of these being final, project leaders will run pilots in the aforementioned countries.

From Qullqi, we completely support the Alliance for Responsible Mining on its quest to bring to life new standards and plans to enhance the role of mining as a positive driver for bringing forest management to a new level and prevent the current levels of deforestation.

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