Felix, father of 2 and football fan

In 2018, when Hugo was bringing the idea of Qullqi to life, he spoke and met with different Peruvian professionals and artisans with years of experience in the fashion accessories industry. Through Marlis (who previously showed us how to clean and maintain our Qullqi jewels), Hugo met Felix, who later became one of the artisans responsible for making some of the most beautiful jewelry in our catalogue.

Felix is the most experienced of our artisans. Originally from Lima, he has built a wealth of experience in the art of silver crafting since he was 17, when he met his mentor, who introduced him to what turned into Felix’s passion. “I love the detailed work behind each piece” he says.

According to Felix, his mentor supported him with patience and care, and that was important to develop the necessary skills for working with precious metals. At the beginning, his mentor gave Felix simple tasks, quite easy in his own opinion. Nevertheless, these initial steps contributed to Felix to gain more and more appreciation for his new job. “I am always amazed by the level of accuracy and precision required on this job” confesses Felix during our conversation.

A father of 2 girls, 15 and 21 years old respectively, Felix tells us that he likes to start his day early in the morning to have breakfast together with his daughters, before they leave home for either high-school or university. Felix thinks that they are not interested in becoming artisans or silver crafters; however, he believes that they would like to get involved in the jewelry industry, perhaps by opening their own shop.

After breakfast, Felix leaves home for work. Normally he would go to his atelier located in downtown Lima and stay there until early evening, when he returns home to spend dinner together with his family. Nonetheless, a couple of days per week he works part-time at a local call center to get additional income. He agrees that he would love to work full-time as a jewelry artisan. At Qullqi, we work hard to help Felix make his dream come true. Will you support us?

Finally, we asked Felix what his favorite Qullqi jewels and hobbies are. “I enjoyed a lot working on the Quilla necklace and earrings. The Tambo cufflinks were also a pleasure to craft” he replies. Regarding hobbies, Felix likes football and has been following Ajax club from Amsterdam since the times of Johan Cruyff.

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