Fairmined, a trustworthy partner for Qullqi

In a previous post, we mentioned the importance of being responsible with our world, environment, and eco-systems. As an active player in the jewelry industry, we look for partners with a like-minded attitude and shared values; that’s why we became a licensee brand of the Fairmined organization since 2018. In recent times, we could not be prouder of our decision to partner with them, especially after having witnessed how they and us focus our efforts on supporting local communities in times on corona crisis.

In 2020, through their ‘Generosity connects us’ campaign, they manage to collect close to five thousand euros that helped more than 180 artisanal women miners and their families. At the same time, Qullqi brought food and medical supplies to elders in impoverished areas in the mountains in Peru. This as part of our social initiatives to give back to our communities. Fairmined organization didn’t stop there. Later last year, they published an article calling for the jewelry industry plus 30+ other different entities, to include and promote artisanal and small-scale mining in their supply chains.

Moreover, in their recent posts on social media, they continuously share useful tips for everyone (related or not to the industry) on how to support small-scale miners and their communities. A great example in the following link. At the moment of writing these lines, the Fairmined family includes 273 licensed brands and 22 authorized suppliers worldwide.

From Qullqi standpoint, it is our goal to continue our membership as licensees of the Fairmined organization, and advocate for inclusion and promotion of small-scale mining within our industry. Our message to our consumers is to remember that every single gram of Fairmined gold and silver sourced in the months to come will significantly impact the miners and the much-needed reactivation of the sector, especially after the current pandemic.

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