Be a part of important social change

According to their website Fairmined is “an assurance label that certifies gold and associated precious metals from empowered responsible artisanal and small-scale mining organizations. It transforms mining into an active force of good”. They aim to bring the maximum possible social development and environmental protection through regular mining activities. In other words, doing ordinary things, extraordinary.

Supply Chain Management

Backed by organizations like the Alliance for Responsible Mining, the Fairmined Initiative and its Standard follow rigorous certification processes and audit procedures to ensure that artisanal- and small-scale mines and all other participants in the supply chain meet world leading standards for responsible practices. Delivering organizational- and social development and environmental protection.

Goals we completely agree with. As a licensee we comply with the requirements outlined in the Fairmined Standard, License Agreement and Mark Manual to ensure credibility.

Social impact

We are aware that “artisanal and small-scale mining is largely a poverty driven activity. However, some mining operations see mining as the best way to strengthen their communities and are looking to lead the way in responsible mining practices.”

Additionally, Qullqi is determined to contribute to fighting those issues in mining for gold and other precious minerals that have been widely reported and discussed, including but not restricted to fueling conflict, child labor, environmental destruction, irresponsible mercury use, health and safety of workers, gender inequality, economic exploitation, and impact on communities.

Benefits for you

As a consumer, our Fairmined license and our genuine aim to benefit the whole supply chain of our jewelry brand give you the security that all of your Qullqi purchases labelled as ‘Fairmined’ comply with strict traceability requirements. In addition, we can tell you the name and last name of each person involved in the creation of your piece of Qullqi jewelry, from those who worked at the mining sites to ones who packed it for you.

That’s what makes us unique.

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