Diversity in the jewelry industry

Perhaps you are familiar with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) set by the United Nations. If not, we recommend you look at this link. There, the 5th SDG relates to Gender Equality and promotion of women in the workspace, as well as elimination of violence and discrimination against girls and women.

Several industries claim to be making efforts towards this goal. Jewelry is one of them; however, according to latest surveys, there is still room for improvement. For instance, a recent survey among fine jewelers in the United States show that majority of respondents (61% of whom were men), ranked themselves as ‘Very Good’ on the main aspects of racial justice and equity. Their reasons for this self-scoring lie primarily on the efforts their companies have made on diversity and inclusion because of discrimination practices of which they had been victims themselves.

Additionally, other groups of interest within jewelry industry have gathered in the last months too to discuss these issues and how to improve. For example, Jewelers of America held a webinar in mid-2020, where they all agreed that consumers mindset is shifting towards a greater demand from companies that promote equal opportunities and pay among their employees. Nonetheless, this is not the only highlight; they also acknowledge diverse teams as primary driver for better results and performance.

On the other hand, we find organizations addressing and embedding gender equality issues directly into their own practices and guidelines. The Alliance for Responsible Mining (under their Fairmined Standard) is one of them. In their own words, “(i)n light of the SDGs and the needs of the world’s most vulnerable populations, including the artisanal and small-scale mining sector (ASM), the Fairmined initiative was evaluated on the benefits that it generates specifically for those who implement the Fairmined Standard, as well as more broadly the contributions it makes towards accomplishing the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.”

Finally, at Qullqi, we believe and share values on promoting gender equality as well as reinforcing the needs for a fairer and more open industry where both men and women can develop their potential with total freedom. On that regard, we are happy to see how we nowadays combine the high skills of our artisans with the proactivity, energy, and focus of Marlis and Melissa, two ladies who run the administrative aspects of our operations in Peru.

To all our coworkers and consumers, we sustain and reinforce our promise to keep focus on promoting and enabling better and greater workplaces, without discrimination and injustice.

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