Augmented Reality in the jewelry industry

The latest health and economic crisis brought new ways of working, communicating, and making business. Jewelry industry has too moved into a new ‘normal’, with online sales surging in the last months and brands and consumers trying to adapt as fast as possible. Like for other industries, technology has been in the spotlight for fashion accessories as well, especially with its latest developments in the realm of augmented reality (AR).

AR per se is not new for jewelry. Prior to times of corona, there were already companies embedding technology at their shops, to make it easy for consumers to try on variants of their accessories that were not physically available in store at that moment. In this link, you can find a video exemplifying this point. Now, with customers avoiding crowds and their visits to physical shops, the potential of AR becomes more and more relevant.

At Qullqi, we entered in talks in March last year with three developers of AR solutions. We were (and still are) curious about the path to developing and implementing this asset on our webshop. Not an easy task; however, we are also keen to understand our consumers standpoint:

Would you try an AR add-on on a jewelry online store? Why or why not?

According to AR developers, this type of solutions boosts sales quite immediately after being deployed, making it easier for small business to see a quick return on their investment. Since it is still early stage on seeing AR implemented on small business websites, we consider it is still too soon to come to conclusions; nevertheless, we do believe in the power of technology as enabler and driver of better life standards, including shopping.

Would you like to see and try AR on our online shop? Have you ever tried on your jewelry on a site using AR application? Maybe on your mobile phone?

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