10 Tips for a Signature Style

Every woman wants to put her best self forward and confidently own the room. What better way to do just that and turn heads than to dress up your look in a creative way? Adding just a few accents of jewelry, a pop of color or a swipe of mascara can add the edge you need to give you a look that is as confident as you feel. Our guest blogger, Marianna of the StylistaaS team, is sharing 10 styling tips to keep it classy but more importantly, to keep it YOU!

1) Find clothes that work for YOUR body type

We get it. You want to fit into that size 2 this summer. But the worst thing you can do to yourself and self-confidence is wearing clothes that don’t fit properly. Stop shopping the size and start shopping for what works with your curves. Choose pieces that make you feel comfortable and confident.

2) Choose classic pieces

There is a reason the LBD never goes out of style: classic looks never fade. Invest in simple and timeless pieces that you know look good on you, even if you don’t feel so hot yourself. A classic look you feel great in keeps your focus on showing off your shining personality, which never goes out of style.

3) Trends are not rules. They are suggestions

Here today, gone tomorrow! Fashion trends may be popular now, but they are never set-in stone. Don’t be afraid to be bold and go against what is “in” right now. You can always buy a few trendy pieces but don’t spend a fortune on a look that doesn’t feel right with you.

4) Take care of your clothes

If you’re going to invest in your clothes, make sure you take care of them! If you want to continue to dance the night away in your favorite designer party dress, then pay attention to the how-to-care tags. Dryclean only means dryclean only. Separate your whites and remember: the iron is your friend.

5) Highlight your favorite parts of your body

Instead of stressing out about body parts you don’t like, highlight those you love! If you focus on what makes you feel great, people will notice.

6) Don’t forget the ‘do

Remember: your hair is an accessory, too. Your hair can be a game changer for any outfit. It can dress up a simple one or dress down an elegant one. Even if you don’t have time to wash your hair, you can always use dry shampoo for texture or tie it up in a pony or messy bun for a casual look.

7) Experiment with make-up

Make-up can be a fun way to change up your look and experiment with what works with your facial features. Swipe on a new lip color for a bold look or add some colored eye liner for a modern twist. For a more natural appearance, mascara and neutral eye shadows are the way to go. And remember contouring can be your friend or foe. Less is more!

8) Accessorize!

Accessories are an important part of adding a personal touch to your style. They can complete or totally transform your outfit. Add a bag, scarf, sunglasses or your favorite Qullqi jewelry and make your outfit shine!

9) Find a signature perfume

Do you like cool scents or warm ones? Floral or tropical? Find a scent that works well with the natural scent of your body. Finding your signature perfume makes you really special. When people have connected a specific smell with you, then every time they smell it you will instantly pop into their minds.

10) Social media inspiration

Gone through the steps but still don’t feel right? When you are out of inspiration, social media can be your best friend. Follow people whose style you admire and soon you will have new ideas on how to combine your clothes and create the perfect look for YOU!

Our guest writer, Marianna, is the CEO of StylistaaS, a personal stylist solution for your company. StylistaaS combine 15 years of experience in the fashion and retail market with advanced AI tools to offer a unique Stylist as a Service offering for your company.
For more styling tips or to check out unique styling solutions, visit www.stylistaas.com.

Marianna Vakalopoulou
CEO at StylistaaS